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Hi, I’m James Villepigue – Some of you might already know me as the author of the International Best Selling Fitness book series, “The Body Sculpting Bibles”. Over the last 8 years and 22 books later, I have built one of the most successful fitness book franchises in history.  This website however is about a brand new fitness product that I developed over the last ten years. The name of the product is, the “Strong Hand”.


  • Sport Specific Training

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Decreased hand strength

  • Post-Surgical Weakness

  • Arthritis

  • Degeneration of the hand muscles

  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI)

  • Hand or wrist numbness

  • Tennis or Golfer's Elbow

  • and many more!






  • 1.89 million Americans suffer symptoms of the repetitive-strain wrist injury known as carpal tunnel syndrome

  • An additional 4 million American workers have tendonitis, most of them in their wrists and arms

  • Repetitive strain injuries are responsible for more than $20 billion a year in workers compensation payments

The “Strong Hand” is a revolutionary patented hand exerciser glove device and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced when it comes to building optimum hand and grip strength!

I am the original inventor of the “Strong Hand” and I am now ready to bring it to the marketplace! My name as a best selling fitness author combined with this ground breaking innovation in hand exercise devices, make this a guaranteed recipe for success!

Here’s the exciting part…We’re looking for some qualified people to join us in this awesome endeavor. If you are interested in becoming a limited number of investors to join my development team, please contact me as soon as you’ve finished reading the material and watching the video below.

*Please Note: This product has already been evaluated from some of the most successful product design authorities and business minds, as a “Grand Slam Product!”

Investment and partnership opportunities are still available.
 Don't wait until it's too late! 

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About The “Strong Hand”

The “Strong Hand” design has progressed the hand exercise market via innovation and "Out of the Box" ideation. Through the use of injection molded thermoplastic elastomer Santoprene Power Bands (green), the consumer is provided with a wearable exercise device, allowing an advanced workout through full and independent flexion of all fingers and thumb. Additionally, the glove Power Bands can be detached w/o buying an entirely new glove. By harmoniously tying together unique applications of Form, Function, and MFG Process, a highly desirable/patented product application was achieved.

The “Strong Hand” is the only hand exerciser designed to allow strength training through a full range of motion. All other hand exercisers are inferiorly designed, due to the fact that one must hold on to the device, forcing you to bend your hand in mid-flexion. They also force you to follow an unnatural predefined range of motion. These issues will only impede your ability to work your hand muscles over a full range, and could lead to hand injury.

The “Strong Hand’s” unique patented glove design takes into account the hands unique mechanical line of movement. As you close and open your hand, the “Strong Hand” allows you to follow your own unique movement pattern.

The “Strong Hand” was designed to be worn like any traditional glove; it easily slips on your hand and is ready for use. No longer do you have to worry about holding on to lacking devices that only focus on developing partial hand strength. The “Strong Hand” holds on to you! It quickly helps you to build optimal strength by training your hands through a full range of motion. From full elongated hand extension to total closed fist flexion, you will strengthen your hands and grip like never before. Stronger hands are the key for optimal athletic performance!

The “Strong Hand” is also ideal for people suffering from certain medical hand injuries. If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, hand muscle degeneration, post surgical weakness and many other hand maladies, the “Strong Hand” is the perfect hand exerciser for getting you back to better again.

The “Strong Hand’s” unique patented Power Band resistance system was designed to allow a variety of resistances to choose from. The “Strong Hand” was not only created with the athlete in mind. From young to old, from average to professional athlete, for both men and women to boys and girls, the “Strong Hand” will help everyone who would like to improve their hand strength and performance!


“Strong Hand” vs. Traditional Spring Hand Grippers

Most athletes are looking for an edge; that one gem that’s going to give you a marked advantage over your competition.
The “Strong Hand’s” patented glove design is the only hand exerciser device that was created to fully strengthen every aspect of your hand and gripping muscles for superior performance.

Unique Advantages:

  • The “Strong Hand” offers a unique motion that other grippers simply cannot offer.

  • The “Strong Hand” allows for greater hand strength and performance in less time.

  • The “Strong Hand” is made out of state of the art materials.

  • The “Strong Hand” comes with beginner Power Band resistances – Additional Power Bands may be purchased – From beginner to Sports Specific Athletes.

  • The “Strong Hand” can be used by everyone; it is versatile enough for a young adult, and a 300 lb. linebacker to use the same device.

  • The “Strong Hand” will build superior hand, finger and forearm strength for all levels of users.

  • The “Strong Hand” comes with a complete beginner to advanced level training course!

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James Villepigue CSCS

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